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Yin & Yang & Basketball

Everyone knows Yin & Yang as the circle with opposing black and white that have a dot of the opposite colour inside of them.

What most people don't understand is that neither of these remain the same and each can be broken down in to smaller and smaller portions of one or the other.

Let's take basketball for example. I use basketball as an example because this is the sport I play most so it's easier for me to explain the concept I'm trying to get across.

Basketball, of itself, is an activity, which makes is Yang. Activity is Yang where rest is Yin. Let's not stop there, because Yin and Yang theory wise can transform in to one another and each aspect can be further broken down to have parts which are Yin and parts which are Yang.

Ever though basketball is Yang, we could consider offense to be Yang and defense to be Yin. Dribbling to be Yang, and passing to be Yin. The act of jumping to be Yang and landing to be Yin. The shot to be Yang and the release to be Yin. Dribbling standing still can be Yin and changed to Yang as you begin to move. Catch my drift?

This is why Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can be so confusing when outside parties are reading about how someone has the same injury as them, but is given another pattern.

We look at the main complaint and bring in the ideas of how it fits in to your person as a whole. Your injury may be Damp and Heat which are excessive traits, but you as a person may be very qi deficient which isn't helping to clear either of those excessive aspects.

Everything can be broken down in to smaller and smaller pieces. Everything is constantly changing from one to the other. Nothing is entirely one thing, but has characteristics of more than one thing.

Yin & Yang are not the only principles of TCM and acupuncture. Hot, cold, excessive, deficient, yin, yang, interior, exterior, etc. are all differentiated in order to make an accurate pattern diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Information taking from:

99% Invisible - The Yin and Yang of Basketball

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