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Using Acupressure to Help You Sleep

We know that acupuncture places small needles into acupuncture points in order to stimulate these points and create a healing effect, but can we do this on our own without needles?

Of course!

Most of the time, your acupuncturist may send you home with ear seeds on points that they want you to continue pressing for prolonged treatment benefits. They may also teach you these points without giving an aid for finding them without using the ear seeds.

So what is acupressure and how do you do it?

Acupressure can be done using pressure to stimulate a specific acupuncture point. This can be done with using a blunt object or a finger/thumb.

It is recommended you put 30 seconds of pressure on the point you are using, and do it on both sides of the body to create the acupressure benefits.

Here are 4 points that are useful for creating a better sleep, ranging from falling asleep faster, staying asleep and waking up feeling rested.

Doing these half hour before bedtime would be great!

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