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Resting ≠ Recharging

Resting isn’t enough you should be recharging.

We all need rest and before I jump into this, I want to make it very clear that I’m not telling you not to rest.

I just don’t believe the two are similar.

Resting involves giving our body a break. Recharging means putting energy back into ourselves.

The closest example that I guess I could use is your phone.

When you are using your phone, the battery begins draining. If you leave it alone, the battery won’t deplete as fast. It still will, but not as quickly. However, if you plug it in you gain battery.

Resting can be physical, mental, social, creative, emotional, spiritual or sensory.

Physical rest is done through sleep and naps, mental rest is done through unplugging, social rest is taking time to yourself, creative rest is doing things that don’t involve thinking, emotional rest is getting things off your chest and finding people who accept you as you are so you don’t have to hide, spiritual rest is finding a purpose and sensory rest is taking time away from things like doom scrolling and constant emails.

If all those are examples of rest, what can we do to recharge our batteries and feel energetic again?

Depending on what’s draining you, different things may be useful to feel full again,

You could recharge by:

- Exercising or going for a walk

- Getting outside to green spaces or spaces with water

- Meditating or using aromatherapy

- Taking deep breaths.

- Listening to music and dancing.

- Journaling or creating art.

- Visiting friends or family.

- Trying something new or doing something you love doing.

- Writing down everything you’ve accomplished so far.

- Getting Acupuncture

How can you tell if you’re just resting and not really recharging?

You start to burn out and show symptoms of:

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Sleep apnea

- Chronic inflammation

- Pain

- Chronic fatigue

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