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Furbabies and Qi

This post might be a little hippie-dippie, voodoo-woodoo, but it is Friday the 13th, on a full moon, so why not.

I remember one thing my professor said while I was studying to become an acupuncturist.

Our animal absorb our negative Qi. This was his reasoning as why animals lived such short lives.

They absorb all our negative energies and help it move out of our bodies, so we can feel better. If that's not selfless, I don't know what is.

Our pets heal us, but they only absorb from us and therefore they get older faster and die.

Gruesome, I know, but stay with me.

I had to do a little more digging because I wanted to see some other theories behind this concept.

Another one was that cats absorb and enjoy negative energy or Qi, and that dogs enjoy positive energy but have the ability to "recycle" the negative back to positive energy.

Searching yet again, I found that our furbabies are so in tune with our energies, or the person they are closest to in your family, that they will suffer from similar health issues.

I dove a little deeper and found some interesting things with water and fish as well. If we neglect our fish and their water (or any water), it is basically a reflection of what is to become of our own health and wealth.

I know, maybe a little too over the top for some people, but I found it interesting.

Hopefully you want to deal with your own negative energy and health issues and not completely pass it on to your furbabies at home.

You can always book in with me and we can work together to sort out the emotional and health imbalances that you face.

Read through some of these if this intrigues you in the slightest.

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