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Does throat punching calm your TCM Liver?

Let me learn you on some Traditional Chinese Medicine theory for a second.

The Liver, in TCM, related to anger and irritability.

It also is functions to store blood, ensure the smooth flow of Qi, controls the sinews, manifest in the nails, opens into the eyes, controls the tears and houses the Ethereal Soul.

Okay, Telina, but what are you getting at with this Liver crap.

Well, with life, we all tend to get a little... fiesty. Let's use that word because it's a fun word.

When we get fiesty, we are set off extremely easily and potentially wish we could throat punch people. OBVIOUSLY this doesn't happen, but the feeling is there.

This "angry Liver" also causes the flow of Qi to go upwards towards the head, which can result in feeling like there's a lump in your throat, feeling wound-up, irritability, chest,abdomen and epigastrium distention, tinnitus, red face and eyes, floaters in the eyes, dry eyes, dream-disturbed sleep and more.

Sound like you? Check out my acupuncture page to see if you're interested in getting the help from an ancient medicine that sees all these patterns. Or just book in online here.

Back to the story.

So, today I came home and someone was in my parking spot.

Shouldn't be that big of a deal right. Except there were so many spots open and this person chose mine. WHY MINE.

Okay, a little over dramatic, but that's Liver Qi for you.

So I left a note on the window that said "You are in my parking space".

Then I went out multiple times to check if they had left yet, because I don't like parking in other people's stalls.

What if they are Liver angry like me and want to tow the person?

I really like ear seeds for when my Liver likes to act like a five year old throwing a tantrum.

They're fast, I have pretty sparkly ones, and people will just think I'm weird for playing with my ears instead of trying to get me in trouble for flipping a table.

I'll also sometimes do acupuncture on myself. I find this harder to accomplish because I feel like I do this enough for others and when I'm not in my office at Evolve North I'm in constant go-go-go mode.

I usually call people when I get fired up, so don't make stupid Liver decisions.

It's also good to look into different services that may help soothe you Liver or foods that can help.

The Foundation of Chinese Medicine - Giovanni Maciocia

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