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Can't sleep? Blame you menstrual cycle.

Did you know 70% of those who menstruate notice negative changes in their sleep pattern, weeks and days before their cycle begins?

Did you also know that females are 58% more likely to experience insomnia than males?

Why does this happen?

Estrogen and progesterone are two of the main sex hormones which are can negatively or positively impact sleep.

Most negative impacts to the sleep cycle occur during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. The luteal phase occurs on day 14-28 (depending on cycle length) and follows the release of the egg. This release causes the levels of FSH and LH to decrease and the corpus luteum to produce progesterone. If fertilization does not occur, progesterone levels then drop to signal the endometrial lining to shed.

During the luteal phases, many women experienced negative sleep symptoms including: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, less REM sleep, increased nightmares, decreased feelings of rest and increase mental alertness at night.

Also occurring during the luteal phase is the increase of progesterone before it declines during menses. This increase causes an increase in body temperature, which may negatively impact the sleep process.

Premenstrual syndrome symptoms also surfaces around the luteal phase. These symptoms may include stomach pain, back pain, headaches, nauseousness, racing thoughts, irritability, and more, all which may contribute to a reduction in sleep quality and quantity.

By introducing acupuncture before your and during your menses, we can work to regulate your hormones and symptoms to not completely disrupt your life.

Sleep is an extremely important aspect of recovery and well-being, if you’re interested in improving his aspect, feel free to send me a message or book in by clicking here.

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