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Is texting too much becoming a problem?

What is texting thumb?

Well it's the inflammation of the tendons of the thumb (extensor pollicis brevis and adductor pollicis longus)

caused by repetitive movements, usually texting or gaming.

Once these tendons become inflamed, they begin to rub against the small spaces they run along, which cause pain.

Other names for this condition include Gamers' Thumb, Baby Wrist and DeQuervain's tensynovitis.

Activities which may cause and/or aggravate this condition may include:




Playing instruments


Playing piano

Picking up children

Anything that requires constant gripping, clenching, lifting, and pinching of objects.

Common symptoms may include:

Pain in the thumb which is worse with movement.

Aching, burning or pulling in the thumb or wrist.

Pain when forming a fist.

Pain when gripping an object.

Weakness and altered sensation.

Swelling in the thumb and wrist.

Limited range of motion in the thumb and wrist.

Feeling like your thumb is stuck.

Feel like you may have this condition. Try:

Texting less.

Letting your thumb and wrist muscles have a break from repetitive motions (if possible).

Heating the thumb, wrist and forearm.

Getting acupuncture, moxibustion and guasha.

Going for a massage.

Going to physio.

If this sounds like you, I offer free mini consultations to go over how acupuncture may be beneficial in your specific case!

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